Midnight Son


Welcome to my site!

As a single mother, my world is dedicated to my son, Joseph, who was born on the 30th October 2007 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Up until Feb 2008, I was residing in Cyprus, however, I chose to make the brave move and come back home to the UK with my son to start a better and more stable life together.  I wasn't sure what was to lay ahead of me but would I change the path I had taken?  I am pretty sure I wouldn't, as it has brought me to this place I am in today, I am an independent young woman with an exciting life ahead of me.

I accepted a full time position in as a Lettings Manager for a renowned Estate Agents in April 2008.  This was a busy and fulfilling role, which involved me leaving the house at 7am and not returning till 7pm, was this stressful? Yes but I had to set up a good little home for Joseph and I.  However, due to the current financial climate, I have found myself unemployed and embracing the full time job as a stay at home mum.  

So, today, I am residing in Twyford, Berkshire, in a comfortable home with my son and enjoying our days together.  I'd be lying if I was to say this was easy, it's not and most days I struggle to keep my sanity but to have one look at my loving son, this keeps me marching forward with my head held high. 

I've come across a lot of obstacles in my life, hard times, low times, happy times and exciting times but they have lead me to where I am today.

However, I am not here to give you a heart felt story of me, no, quite the opposite in fact.  Not many people realise the hardship of being a parent entails, let alone being a single parent and as time goes on, I hope that my day to day trails can shed some light into this life of mine.  I'm not some barbie doll, bleached blonde girl, living a Sex and the City Life............that would be an imaginative dream but I am a normal, down to earth aries with experience behind me.

Please enjoy the site xx

(This site is currently being rebuilt and added to, what you see for now is not the whole package)

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